We create, test & scale, innovative programs with high impact potential, focusing attention on the ideas and solutions that create social value.

The purpose of SokoTech is to extend the use and understanding of technology, science, engineering, art and mathematics among society as a whole, without taking into account age, level of knowledge, status, capacities or gender.

SokoTech wants to provide, with adhoc initiatives, access to the knowledge and skills necessary to adapt to a constantly changing world through the use of the most advanced technologies. We want to promote transversal and adapted learning to all ages, in a way that allows boys, girls, young people and adults, beginners or experts, to address the types of challenges and situations that they will find in the real environment and prepare them for the occupations of the 21st century.

SokoTech offers a wide range of programs and services:

SokoTech offers a wide range of programs and services that we group in 4 areas: the curation and production of events (Soko Events), the laboratory of digital and analog manufacturing (Soko Lab), preparing girls and boys for the future (Soko Kids) and the integral communication, the design and the development web (Soko Dev& Comm)

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