About Us

Our History

Located in a 1920’s old chocolate factory, SokoTech is a digital social innovation laboratory that brings together an intersectoral team of experts in the design and implementation of local and international events, projects and programs related to science, art and technology. We make a difference due to our cross-pollinations nature, synthesis of knowledge in various fields, academics and non-academic ones. With a dilated and solid experience, vital and professional trajectories.

We cultivate an extensive number of relationships, exchanges, productions and local and international collaborations that allows us to create strategic alliances SokoTech conceptualizes and implements activities regularly in Europe, the United States and Canada, and collaborates with other countries through the FabLabs networks of the MIT Center for Bits and Atoms of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Maker Faire and Makerspaces born in California and today everywhere in the world.

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Our team

A team with multidisciplinary value

sokotech mariona ciller

Mariona Cíller

Co-Founder and Creative Director at SokoTech

Graduated cum laude at the University of Illinois with a double major in Fine Arts degree (B.F.A.) on Communication Design and Art History. Later, became an assistant professor while acquired her Master of Science (M.Sc) in Mass Media and Media Management Studies. Fab Academy graduated from Center for Bits and Atoms at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In 2015, co-founded SokoTech, a citizen lead laboratory working on digital social innovation programs, projects and events in the fields of the arts, science & technology.

sokotech cristina checa

Cristina Checa

Projects director

Graduated in technical telecommunication engineering by La Salle, Ramon Llull University, ( URL) and post graduate in global music management, by the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF), Cristina Checa works at the intersection of creativity, technology and music and at all times paving the way of borders of interdisciplinary experiences & knowledge.


Moira Barril

Office & Events Manager

Graduated in business administration and management (ADE) by she loves and evidence exceptional talents addressing environmental and social areas projects. Moira, owns versalite experience in companies from different fields and is very motivated in trying out new approaches collaborating and resolving in teamwork. Multi-skilled, and a sense of initiative is an efficient, determined, committed person ready to face any complex situation.

sokotech generic

Edgar Aguilar

Design & Lab Manager

Designer, master in Product Design by Elisava, expert in Digital Manufacturing by the Fab Academy of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and specialist in commercial, visual and retail space design, by Artidi. He is also a online / offline graphic and web creative and a professional photographer with a Master in Fashion photography and advertising; post-production of photography and video by IDEP Barcelona.

sokotech Anna Higueras

Anna Higueras

Strategy Manager

Graduated in chemical engineering at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), postgraduate in Musical Industry Business Administration by the Pompeu Fabra University. Anna, with a large experience in applying engineering knowledge in the industry and later managing cultural events, today is an engineer turned into strategic manager in the area of science art and technology, applying always the engineering process.

sokotech angela precht

Ángela Precht

Communication Strategist

Works in communication strategy, journalism, research, copywriting and content design. She believes communication as a powerful tool to connect people and ideas, and trigger collaborations / sensibilities that make positive changes happen.

sokotech Marta Berbel

Marta Berbel

Communication Strategist

Graduated in Journalism and communication by the Autonomous University of Barcelona, (UAB) since then she devotes giving voice to large and small projects and initiatives with the aims of bringing them closer to the people. A that end Marta feels passion for the digital and social media strategic campaigns and is especially sensitized to the cultural and social good fields.

sokotech Albert Bercero

Albert Bercero

STEAM Director

Graduated in Industrial Design and Product Development Engineering. by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, (UPC) from the start combines studies, with initiatives related to education, carrying out workshops and classes to educators and children, while giving technical advice to project products and manufacturers. This educational skills have shaped and awakened him in the passion of education and lifelong learning which currently, blends with his mastery of new manufacturing processes.

sokotech Jose Nuñez

Jose Núñez

Software Developer

Developing software in a professional way for 25 years, from embedded systems to applications for mobile devices. An off-road programmer who has also worked on his own projects such as Tales Apart, where he created children's apps based on classic tales for iOS or The Code Rockers, in which, in addition to creating tools for programming the Minecraft videogame, taught programming and electronics to young people.

sokotech paca ciller

Paca Cíller

Scientific and Technological Culture advisor

Former director of the communication department at “la Caixa” Foundation, was director of international relations and programs of CosmoCaixa, the Museum of Science of Barcelona and executive director of the European Network of Science Centers and Museums (ECSITE). At present she is Soko senior advisor and a jack of all trades as she described herself, who with a hand contacts Harvard & with the other stir the food in the pan.

sokotech ian


Co-founder, student & mentor

Takes his first steps in Carbondale, South Illinois (USA) where while discovering the world and self-learning, encouraged by their teachers, takes care for a vegetable garden in a Montessori Kindergarten. At the age of four he travels to Barcelona, where he begins both programming and reading. Inquisitive and curious, he is constantly searching for new challenges and information, through books, Internet & YouTube.

sokotech uma


Canine in residence

Receptionist by vocation executes her work with efficiency and enthusiasm providing guests with a highly & friendly welcome. She adores to greet and lionize anyone who visits SOKO. With a very good mood, she is also in charge of the neighborhood public relations.