SokoTech is located in an 20th century​ ​antique chocolate factory in the old quarter of ​La​ Sagrera neighborhood, just next to the Masadas Square, a 19th century porticoed space: an unusual setting with vaults, columns and arches, for plum trees.

The ​factory, which unfolds its wings on two streets in front of a green square, is adjacent to an amazing urban network of small wooded streets, which still retains plant and early-stage houses from the 20th century. In spite of this, SokoTech is located in one of the best connected points of the city, thanks to the neighborhood of subway and suburbs. The future Sagrera station will make this neighborhood a real hub for communications, a social and economic motor of the city of Barcelona.

The space consists of two open spaces: one of 300m2 and 180m2 of industrial style, which houses an office and a Manufacturing Laboratory.